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There are times in our lives when we experience difficult moments that may seem impossible to deal with alone. Those times we need to work through our concerns with someone we can trust.

 Life Coaching and Counseling Enables Better Communication, Hope,
 & Success

It is my personal belief that we are meant to experience love, peace, joy, and fulfillment in life here on earth. The intention of Designing Success is to help you attain  your goals with real results through having life more abundantly: in your first session expect to get useful information you can implement right away. After a brief assessment, I'll help you begin the changes you most want in your life. Do you have personal, spiritual, career, relationship or marriage problems? Would you like a personal life coach, counseling or professional advice?

 Communication and Emotional Counseling

 Relationships often go through emotional and challenging experiences. For   
 example when a relationship is going through problems due to poor communication,
 it can be very frustrating and cause you and your partner to argue and loose sight
 of what is important. Whether your relationship  is going through communication
 problems, infidelity, distance, or commitment issues. I simply assess the situation,  
 offer insight, and provide you with solutions.

 Marriage Counseling

 Being correct has no worth in marriage. All that matters is the relationship.
 Sometimes you have to choose. Do you want to be blissfully married or do you want
 to be correct? The correct/incorrect manner is the incorrect means to use in your
 marriage. The more you insist on being correct, the more you will be fed up in your
 marriage. Don't go for correct: go for LOVE!  

 Holistic Counseling

 Holistic Counseling invites you to discover the process of giving your  
 experiences in life new awareness and definition. Holistic Counseling is
 an all encompassing system of assisted personal health and wellness.
 It combines a variety of holistic techniques and philosophies that
 enables you to achieve the holistically balance in body, mind and
 spirit; gaining the life you desire.

 Career Counseling/Coaching

We believe that a driving force guides your life. Sometimes, for whatever reason we become lost and confused. In Life Coaching   sessions we encourage you to look deep into your situation, to see your life as it is and not how it feels.Through careful assessments you will activate your strengths, and learn how to cope with difficulties you may face. Once this process is completed you will be able to effectively set goals, take action steps towards your dreams, and live the life you've always wanted.

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