Marriage & Couples Counseling

When we treat couples and marriages, we don't just help individuals, we help relationships. Whether you need marriage counseling, help resolving conflict that doesn't seem to end, or help recovering from the trauma of infidelity, we are equipped to help your relationship.

Wondering how marriage/couples therapy works? We encounter many folks who aren't sure what to expect from marriage counseling or couples therapy, many of whom have had a bad experience in the past. We know that couples therapy depends on two key factors. First, the relationship you develop with a counselor will set the tone successfully changing as you want to. Second, we know that couples therapy is a goal-driven process. We will collaborate with you to identify healthy goals for you to reach. The counselor may also do the following:

  •  Ask questions that will help clients identify their feelings and behaviors.
  • Counsel clients on concerns, such as unsatisfactory relationships, divorce and separation, child rearing, home management, and financial difficulties.
  • Encourage individuals and family members to develop and use skills and strategies for confronting their problems in a constructive manner.
  • Collect information about clients, using techniques such as testing, interviewing, discussion, and observation.
  • Develop and implement individualized treatment plans addressing family relationship problems.
  • Determine whether clients should be counseled or referred to other specialists in such fields as medicine, psychiatry, and legal aid.
  • Confer with clients to develop plans for post treatment activities.
  • Confer with other counselors in order to analyze individual cases and to coordinate counseling services.


In other words, if you and your spouse or partner decide to seek the help of a counselor you should expect the counselor to leave no stone unturned when it comes to helping you solve your marital/couple problems. Once you reach your goals, therapy is complete.