Listen to what people are saying about Designing Success Life Coaching!

I was skeptical about using a coach, but Leonteen was friendly and she really helped
me get my business off the ground! The whole experience was motivational and made me feel like I had the power to do anything! Today, my business is exactly where I  wanted it to be!!!

 Thank you Designing Success!  -  L. Jansen, Salt Lake City, Utah


 When I was going to my initial visit, I was nervous but when I walked in and everyone  was smiling, it made me feel at ease. Life coaching is a must when you feel like  nothing else has helped. My marriage is back to normal and we do not argue  anymore.

 Thanks coach - A. E. Edouard, Apopka, Florida


This absolutely changed my life, I want to thank you for not giving up on me.    
C. Garris, Glenn Allen, Virginia


I am a better person now that I am done with my coaching sessions. I think positive and I  have a whole new outlook on life.

J. Loyd, Fresno, California


Things aren't perfect but I am further along in my journey and my book is almost complete. I no longer wait till the last minute. Designing Success is truly a blessing.
Love you!

 L. Mumford, Manhattan, New York 


One of the things Felicia showed my husband and I was to always picture the other as the person we really know they are inside. Our marriage has changed for the better
since Designing Success.    
Y. & M. Mejri, Tampa, Florida